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Rob was a bit different from Daniel. Rob was 100% white collar 6 figure job, perfect family, perfect home, perfect job, perfect WIFE. I guess that’s what turned me on about Rob. It was the biggest secret I’ve had to keep. I never met his wife which made pleasing him that much easier. I didn’t have to feel guilty if he ever got caught.

I met him at a cafe. I caught him watching porn on the low. He still doesn’t know I seen him, but from what he was watching I knew i was his cup of tea. I was down for all the taking charge freak shit.

Rob was into being dominated. His wife couldn’t deliver, She was to perfect rob was her first so she was never broken in or had true experience. It’s not her fault that her husband is a nasty ass freak boy. He like to be whipped, chained, ass fucked, face fucked, and the list goes on and on. That’s where I step in.

As I walked in the cafe that morning and seen him sitting there drinking his usual caffeine. I decided to shoot my shot. So I slowly and sexually walked up to him put my hand on his thigh and asked

“How are u enjoying your coffee on this beautiful morning.”

I made sure to look him dead in the eye just so he could see the seduction even if it didnt seem like the route I was taking.

“I am enjoying it quite well thank you Mrs….”

“Sally” I said sticking my hand out for a shake. ” I see you come here a lot, just about every morning. Thought I’d finally build enough courage to come say hello, so hello.”

“Well hello to you as well Mrs Sally. Yes I do come here often and since you can “see” so well did you see my wedding band?”

As I released his hand I told him.

“Yes I did see your ring but I also seen you watching porn of a man getting dominated and you looked pretty turned on. Now if your Ms was doing it you wouldn’t be watching that nasty shit here. Now im not trying to be your girlfriend and far from tryina be your wife but I am trying to fuck you and do all the dirty strange shit you want. So my question to you is can you see your self tied to my bed or not?”

He sat and stared speechless. I think I kind of scared him but I had to be straight forward. He reached for a pen in his jacket pocket wrote something on a piece of paper and handed it to me.

“Yes ma’am” he said as he handed me the paper and walked off.

When he got out the door I opened the paper and it read..

“651 summer set lane. Be here tonight at 8 pm sharp. I will be waiting. Ring the bell twice.

P.s. bring a goodie bag”

I cheesed ear to ear and crumbled the paper as I walked out the cafe. I will be there and I will have my goodie bag.

All day long all i could think about was how tonight was gonna play out. Where is the house? Who’s house was it? Was his dick big? Was he really down for the freak shit? Was this set up? I had so many questions so may doubts but I can guarantee you this. I was gonna go.

At 7:57 I was pulling into the drive way of this beautiful place that looks like it belongs in a magazine. I put the car in park took a deep breath grabbed my goodie bag from the passenger seat and headed for the front door.

I ranged the bell twice as I was told and got into character. As the door flew open rob was standing there with a robe. All black all silk and his dick was at a chub. This was definitely no set up.

“You gonna stand there and gawk or you gonna come in?” He asked with a smirk

“Shut the fuck up you piece of shit and get on your fucking knees now”

He was surprised and said ” Wow Sally waste no time do yah”

As much as I wanted to be regular. I had to stay in character.

” I said get the fuck on your knees now. Next time I have to say it you will be punished. I dont think u want that so like I said before and wont say again get the fuck down.”

With that being said he dropped to his knees with love in his pupils. As he sat there like a pup waiting for instructions I dug in my goodie bag for the leash. It was thick black collar with spikes connected to a leash. I placed the leash on his neck and yanked him towards me hard leading him past the front door. As we walked in the place I led him to the beige leather sofa and made him sit in the front of it.

With out a word I took a seat on the edge and shoved his face deep in my pussy moving his face side to side just rubbing it all around. I had on some booty shorts.. Legging material so u can feel the wetness building up. Before he passed out from lack of air I pulled his hair moving his face from my pussy. Soon as he got a couple breaths I did the same thing over and over until he was red in the face.

“Back your ass up” and he crawled back I stood up and took off my shorts and panties and guided him towards the couch. I made him sit on the floor with the back of his head rested on the couch cushion. I went over to him and asked him “you wanna taste this pussy rob?”

“Yes” he replied short and sweet. But that wasnt enough I wanted him to beg for this honey. I wanted him to want me to be a nasty bitch, and I simply just wanted to hear him beg for it.

“I said do you want this fucking pussy on your tongue?”

“Yes you bitch you know I want it let me taste please.”

With that being said I slapped the shit out of him and before he could say anything I strattled him and popped my pussy all over his mouth and face. I didnt even give a fuck if he was eating or not. I was moving my hips so fast in circles that it felt good even if he wasnt putting in work. I dont give a shit of it was the tip of his nose. I’ll fuck that too it felt good so fuck it. Just then I felt his tongue slip inside my tight pussy and as soon as ecstasy shot through me I told him,

“Keep that fucking tongue right there cuz I’m gonna fuck the shit out of it.” His tongue was long and hard. I put my squat game to work and was up and down that tongue. As I looked down all my juices were flowing all thru his mustache and down his chin. He had my juices in his nostrils, on his lips, forehead, even damn near in his eyes. That turned me on so much that I rode his face slow and hard an exploded all over his mouth and kept going until he ate it all up.

I stood up and told him “Get your ass up and show me the bedroom” and he did just that.

Walking into the bed room I was in awe. It was beautiful but I couldn’t focus on that I had to finish the task at hand.

I told him lay on the bed and I started to tie his hands and feet to the posts. Sprawled out I decided to make things fun.

” I’m gonna ask you questions. If I feel like your lying I’m going to hit u with my whip. Do you understand?”

“Yes” He said. Them I slapped his leg with the whip.

“What the fuck?!?!” He exclaimed I hit him again.

“First one was practice. Watch your filthy mouth.” I’ll ask u 3 questions.

“Why do you cheat?” I asked first

“My wife is boring” he said

Does she suck your dick?”

“Yes” he said in a weird tone.

Shllllaaaap!!!! I hit him on his shoulder

“Fine, No she doesn’t” he said angrily

“Do you like to get fucked in the ass?” He hesitated so I hit him again

Shlllaaaaaap!!!! Even harder

“No!” he yelled pretty angry and I hit him again. He liked it I can tell he did so instead of asking and whipping more I just slid on the bed and took his whole 10″ dick in my mouth all the way to my neck


He yelled and moaned at the same time. That made me feel soooooo good. So I kept going up and down doing tongue tricks in between. I grabbed his balls and massaged them while sucking him off he started getting near a nut so I went harder. He spread his legs just a little more then what they were to feel the ball massage better and right before he was about to cum I licked and stuck my middle finger right in his asshole, and he loved it. He cursed me so good.

“You stinking bitch how dare you….”

“Fuck up fruit and take this shit” I cut in. Still sucking his dick I slid my fingers in and out his ass and as much as he hated to admit it he loved that gay shit.

“Oh fuck yes oh yes baby suck this dick and fuck this ass you whore, this is your ass now fuck it and suck it baby… ooooooooh yes!!!!!!” That’s all he could say before he bust all over my face.

I swiftly got up with him still tied to the bed i wiped my face on the blanket, and then i stood over him and sat my asshole on his mouth reverse cowgirl style holding my ass spread wide and rode to ecstasy. Once I came again I got up and sat my pussy right on his dick and rode it like a bull. Pussy juice everywhere.

“Ah fuuuccck this dick is tearing my pussy up I love it you fat dick bastard. Tell me you love it.”

“You bitch I love this fucking pussy. Ride that dick whore ride it!!!!! Dont u fuckin stop or ima…”

Right as he was talking his shit I hopped off and put his dick in my mouth again and told him to start ficking my face. Still tied to the bed he did as he was told and started shoving his dick in my mouth humping at full speed.

“AHHHHHHH I’m gonna cum oh my fucking God I’m gonna cum” right as he was about to let loose i sat back on his dick this time it was in my ass and he went completely off and nutted in my ass.

“FUCCCCCKKKK That shit felt amazing I need more. Now. Give me more Sally I need it.” Something about a begger make my pussy pulsates.

I unlocked him after hearing him beg non stop and when I did he took complete control. Grabbed me by my hair and said

“Bend over the fucking bed it’s my turn.” I walked slowly

“Now!!” He yelled “move that ass.”

He grabbed my waist and slammed his dick in this pussy until I was squirting everywhere. Once that happend he released his nut all over my ass.

“Go shower now” he said pointing down the hall when I was done I came out and he was gone. He left a note that read.

“Your a nasty whore and I hate you. See you next week same day same time here’s a key….. Bitch!!” I just laughed got dressed and left…



After months of dreaming of him the time has finally come. I had him to myself all alone. I have been single for 2 years now and haven’t had sex in 3. Let’s just say I’m way over due, and way over fucking myself. His name was Daniel he stands 6’3″ tall tan and handsome. Big arms tattoos and a smile you only see on TV. He’s been single for over 2 years as well and I just can’t seem to understand why. He’s amazing. Has a great job, Beautiful home, no kids ,never been married, and his personality is over qualified for me, and yet here I stand trying to figure out why he is off the market. He walks over to me and places his hands on my face and gently places a kiss on the corner of my mouth. He glides his lips gently across my face until he reaches my ear and the way he slid his tongue all around my earlobe made my knees weak. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better his tongue is up and down my whole neck then he whispers in my ear
“I am about to change your life”
I didn’t know weather to be scared or excited but for sure my pussy was excited. I cannot begin to explain how hard my clit was pounding with anxiety. I needed his tongue on my pussy before I exploded, But Ill let him take his time since he aims to please, and that’s exactly what was happening.
All of a sudden his lips and tip of his tongue were dancing on my hard nipples and the feeling was overwhelming. He took turns making each titty feel like a queen and the build up In My Panties was amazing. I have had my titties sucked on before but it was like he was hitting a nerve I didn’t know was there, and that nerve went straight to my clit. While sucking the girls he slid a finger across my clit straight into my pussy and the electric shock of pleasure that ran thru me was unexplainable.
From head to toe every hair on my body was at attention. I almost forgot how joyous sex can be but I can guarantee I chose the right person to bring that pleasure back. Even though this was happening and we were face to face I was anticipating everything that was yet to come, and you would not believe what was about to happen. By now my pussy was soaked, and i was so aroused that I wanted to please him.

I wanted that big dick of his in my mouth. I could tell by the bulge in his pants I was in for a great piece of Dick. I wanted it so bad so I reached for his zipper and he grabbed my hands with much force and told me
“Once you open my jeans there is no turning back. Do you understand me?”
Without a word I reached again and with much base in his voice he snapped.
“I said do you understand?”
“Yes” I replied
Even though he snapped it kind of turned me on. Outside this room he is a sweetheart so to see him take control drove me wild. I unzipped his pants an pulled his jeans down first and his dick sprang up like a yo-yo. Before I took his boxers down I sat there with his dick face to face thru his short and just admired what I was seeing.
I reached for his boxers to pull them down slowly. I wanted to please him with my mouth. I wanted to tease him to the point where his dick would spit at me spewing excessive cum damn near drowning me. I wanted to stick his dick down my throat so far it touched my asshole. I wanted him bad. I wanted to be his whore. I wanted him to choke me and fuck me as hard as he could and tell me this pussy was his.

As his boxers touched the floor my mouth was stuck wide open at the sight of what I seen. He had two Dicks. One on Top of the other and I didn’t know weather to be amazed or terrorfied. With out a single word he shoved the bottom dick in my mouth all the way to my throat like my body previously begged for. It had to be at least 9.5 inches and the top dick was bigger. Before I could object his dick was moving top speed in and out my throat forcing spit and drool to fly everywhere. Even though I looked at him as a freak of nature I loved every second of that big fat dick fucking my mouth.
Even tho it’s been a long time I still know how to work a dick so I had to take some kind of control. I could not allow him to dominate me like he was. I wanted him to but I also wanted him to understand I am that bitch and by the time I’m done his Dicks will beg him for my body. As he grabs me by my hair and starts fucking my mouth harder I can feel his balls contracting and I can tell he won’t make it much longer. For the first time I grabbed his bottom dick with both hands sucked slurped twisted my head all around at the same time two hand twisting that dick like a pepper grinder. The moans of extasy escaping his throat was enough to make my pussy explode, but I had to stay strong.
As I slurped and slurped I never broke eye contact with him and every chance I got I would say
“This is my fucking dick, fuck my mouth you freak”

He had to have liked it, the more shit I talked the harder he tried not to cum. I wanted his nut in my mouth and I wanted now. The next time his dick touched my throat i grabbed his ass and pushed him as hard as I could and just held him there with his balls on my chin and his dick lodged in my throat looked him dead in the eye and swallowed while his dick was still in my throat. He lost complete control and started cuming.
All I felt was warm cum running into my belly, and I fucking loved it.
Daniel has turned completely into another person he even looked a little different.
He gripped me by my neck and gently pulled me off my knees. Pulled me close to his face and told me
“Get the fuck on the bed and lay down on your back” and with a slight shove he showed me towards the bed.
I did exactly as I was told I got on the bed very seductively and laid on my back, and with my pointer finger I motioned for him to come to me, and he did as he was told. He slid his way onto the bed grabbing one leg in each hand spreading them as wide as possible on his way up for a kiss. With my knees at my ears his hands pushing my legs down he bends down to me face to face and tells me
“You made me wait to long, and now I’m going to devour this pussy. This shit is mine now you hear me?”
“Yes” I replied excitedly
With that being said he went tongue first into my pussy. At top speed he was tongue fucking me and it was amazing. I was literally speechless but my mouth would not stop running
“Oh my god yes!! Fuck me with your tongue baby. How’s your pussy taste you like that wet nasty shit don’t you.”
On the inside I cannot believe I’m saying these things out loud. This has never happened before. I have lost complete control and was turning into some kind of sex fanatic. I was embarrassed , but I could not stop fucking talking
“Yes baby, yes baby, yes. Please that pussy. Lick that clit”
He did as he was told. He actually follows directions pretty well for someone who is so dominate. When he put his long slippery tongue on my clit and moved it around I could have died. His mouth was so warm and wet. He placed his mouth still over my pussy but man did he move that tongue. Not to fast but not to slow. It was nice and steady soft but firm.
Just as the sensation was beginning to get unbearable he stopped and slipped two fingers in my pussy and pounded as hard as he could. My body was about to go into complete auto pilot mode and do whatever the fuck it wanted to. Right before it did he tongue was dancing on my clit again and his hand was still pounding my pussy. I lost all control and for the first time ever I squirted all over his face, and in his beard and I loved every second of it. I wasn’t embarrassed I was scared I was in complete love with his face. After my body calmed down he went back for seconds.
Moving his tongue as fast as he could I grabbed the back of his head and fucked his face until I came again. My body fell flat and I just laid in all my juices with Daniel kissing my thighs continously telling me
“You taste so fucking delicious your pussy taste so good. I want more I’m addicted”
Next thing I know he’s lifting my legs agian Before I realized what was going on his bottom dick was in my pussy pounding that shit while the other dick was sliding up and down my clit.
He looked me dead in the face while he pounded my pussy red. He was fucking me so hard. I did not care who heard or who was even watching for that matter. I was in complete love with this man’s deformity, and I wanted more!
To be continued…..

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